Those days….

Ever have them… you know, you get out of bed and before your feet have touched the ground the air just feels … I don’t know heavy.

You feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders with no idea of how to lift it.

The sky seems grey, the rain threatens to fall and even the cat bites you?

But then without you even realising it something magical begins to happen.

It may be you unexpectedly bump into an old friend in town, you notice for the first time the blossom appearing on a tree in your garden or you speak to an old friend you haven’t heard from for decades.

The sun then decides to peak through the cloudy sky and you feel some warmth on your skin.  Memories of happier times gone by start popping into your head and very slowly a smile forms on an otherwise sullen face.

Bed time creeps around with alarming regularity and by the time your feet have left the ground the air feels lighter and you start to remember all the things you have to be thankful for.

Gratitude has turned up and suddenly things change.

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