A little more about me….

As I thought about what my first post should be about, I decided I should probably give you a little more background as to who I am and how I tick before we get all chummy and become friends.

Other than family and friends my big loves are (in no particular order) long country walks with a pub at the end, dogs (now strictly forbidden due to one very angry cat who chooses to live with us), skincare and all things beauty, reading, the colour pink, travel, sitting in my garden in total peace and quiet away from the rat race, travel, sparkles and coffee.

I have a couple of health issues which I don’t really talk about much as I like to think of myself as a cup half full type of person. I’m also lucky enough to have amazing healthcare here in the UK and Consultants who look after me fantastically so it feels boring to talk about it when others are not so lucky.

Depression on the other hand, rather like my right arm, has been a constant. I am lucky to be able to manage it with help from very wise people. Whilst it is a very dark world to inhabit at times, it has made me who I am helping me to appreciate what joy I have even when sitting under the dark clouds that inhabit my world. I’m not afraid to talk about my struggles in this area as I truly believe that we can all help each other and sometimes just by talking things out it can help. If I could help just one person in this area then it would make all my struggles seem worthwhile.

Whilst family can be complicated, and ours definitely is no exception, my hubby is surprisingly low maintenance, easy going and can cook a mean steak. He also eats everything… and by that I mean I’m a terrible cook coming up with weird and whacky concoctions which he devours them as if he were eating in a Michelin restaurant. A keeper right??

We are boringly happy and even though we met later on in life, it feels as if we have been together for years.  We have a fairly quiet life but one that I absolutely love – I’m very lucky.

Finally, there is Bob. Now he rules the roost. He’s a black and white cat that we adopted. Dogs have owners and cats have slaves and this is no exception. He’s a mean fighter – takes on big dogs, bigger cats, all manner of rodents and the occasional human. He seems to tolerate me for which I suppose I should be grateful but poor old hubby doesn’t get much more than a cursory glance most days.

So that’s a little about me – now I must go and try and prepare some delicious extravaganza for hubby tonight….

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