Food for thought

For the past week we have been surrounded by beauty. After a pretty turbulent year culminating with losing my job, we treated ourselves to a holiday.

So here we are. The Mediterranean Sea glistening in the sunshine as I sit sipping the local coffee on my balcony, the sun beating down and the world around me slowly coming to life.

We have had a few adventures, seen some soul feeding beauty of nature – turquoise seas, dramatic thunderstorms and locals who have totally embraced us and welcomed us with open arms. It all sounds idyllic and trust me it is.

However there has been one thing that has troubled me somewhat. Whether we have been on a boat enjoying the beautiful scenery we have been passing, or in a restaurant sampling local delicacies or even on a roof top terrace bar looking at the sun gently close its eyes after keeping us spiritually fed by shining so majestically on this beautiful country there has been one thing that has been somewhat overwhelming to us both.


People have been on their phones either taking selfies, uploading their latest antics or whatever it is they may be doing. We have literally seen tables of people looking at their phones over dinner, groups of young getting the best picture possible and the most common question has been “is there WiFi here?”

Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty of some of the above but it has made me wonder. How much am I missing out on? What am I missing? Should I revert back to a telephone just being a telephone? Perhaps I should and then I would no doubt not be a slave to social media, what filter to use on a selfie and more importantly to really ‘see’ life as it goes on around me.

Yes this has shown me how much people are missing out on a wonderful, majestic world around us by staring too long and too hard at the small screen in front of them.

It’s been food for thought – for me at least

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