Trinny London… a new ‘must have’

If you haven’t discovered Trinny London (of Trinny and Susannah ‘What not to wear’ fame) you are missing a huge trick.

Trinny has launched her own make up brand and it is second to none and I have fallen so hook, line and sinker that I really must encourage you all to take a look.

Being a self confessed make up and product junkie when I stumbled upon her site in a Sunday magazine I had to have a look and it’s a decision I am sure I shan’t regret.

Her products all come in little pots which are designed to form ‘the Stack’ and all the make up is to be put on with fingers. No more bulky make up bags and no more brushes to carry around – great! But would it really work? Would I be able to ditch my make up bag entirely?

Buying off line was something I had never considered previously and being of a certain age I didn’t want to get this wrong bearing in mind it could be a costly mistake. However that’s where she’s been very clever and has match2me. You answer a few simple questions about your eyes, hair and skin tone and voila she comes up with all the products to suit you. I was dubious but on the site she encourages you to watch the video clips and ignore what you ‘think’ is your right colour etc. So I did this and so far so good. Up popped all the products for my skin.

So I made my first (yes… afraid to say I have made quite a few orders which I shouldn’t really admit as my husband will read this) order and off we went.

Firstly BFF. This is an absolute wonder product. It simply makes your skin glow, brings a totally new radiance to my skin and I have had so many comments from friends about how healthy I look. It smells divine and glides across the skin so beautifully. If there is only one product you want to take then this should be it. It’s a life saver.

Then Just a Touch – the concealer/foundation. Now I am someone who has been known to use heavy foundations in the past and would never be without a full face. You literally need so little of this product and it is just as described and a little goes far. I was concerned about the colour match but it was perfect. In fact on another of my orders I bought what I ‘thought’ should be my colour but the match2me was better. Trust it girls!

Lip2cheek is just what it says and you need such a tiny amount. I imagine it will last me a very long time. It makes the skin come alive and is also incredibly natural looking. I put some Face Finish under my product and I find that helps as I can be prone to dry skin in the winter.

Their lip glosses (Lip Glow) are pretty and taste fabulous.

Eye2Eye is the eye shadow and the colours are also matched to you. I also got one of the ones that wasn’t recommended but guess what? Not as gorgeous on me as the others. Match2Me really works! I use the colours as eye liners too and all put on with your fingers.

I am just a normal, middle-aged woman with a love of product and a fear of change however I have had my mind totally transformed regarding makeup. These are fabulous and I can see myself ordering more and more and as gifts for people too.

I sent some out to Australia for my step-daughter who is already enjoying them now… so go ahead try them.

A total win-win in my book.

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