The empty room….

This Friday we have an anniversary. It will be exactly eleven weeks since we moved into our new house and wow hasn’t the time flown by?

When we first got married we lived in my small apartment. That little home had been my sanctuary for over ten years. It had been a haven, my oasis of calm and a retreat from the world. A place I could be alone and it was somewhere that helped heal me from the scars of a nasty divorce.

Getting married at almost 50 was something I never thought would happen and so leaving my little place of calm was something that I hadn’t even considered.

It soon became clear that this was not an ideal living arrangement for a couple of middle aged newly weds! It was not going to be big enough for the two of us (and all the gadgets that came with Mr Bright (let’s call him that before I find myself in trouble!). So we dipped our little toes into the mortgage process, the world of estate agency and chasing solicitors and before we knew it we had found ‘THE ONE’.

A lovely house with a big garden and more space than we could possibly imagine alongside a story of a happy family that had lived there for many years. It seemed far too perfect for words… Close to town but not too built up, walking distance from my work.  Set in beautiful tree lined roads and just the right ‘feel’ to it. Big airy rooms with high ceilings and features that pleased my eyes as well as my heart. It was just perfect for us.   We put a ‘cheeky’ offer in and low and behold it was accepted.

Someone once told me that a bit like cats and owners, properties and people are meant to be.  So in we moved and it was ‘ours’. It had always felt like we were living in ‘my’ place after we became Mr and Mrs, so this was new and was ours and was fantastic. 2017 has been full of new beginnings for us both and here was our latest one.

We have now enjoyed almost three months turning this empty house into our home and what fun it has been. We have worked hard to make it feel homely and somewhere we want to enjoy. We have loved the space and loved the change that moving has brought with it. It’s been stressful, fun and chaos all mixed into one.

However there has been one empty room all this time.

My favourite room in the house has always been a dining room. A place where families share, where meals are enjoyed and parties abound. A room where memories are made and, if you’re lucky, laughter emanates through the walls. It is what I like to imagine is the beating heart of any home. It has always been my favourite room in any of my homes for those very reasons.

For eleven weeks it has been empty… until 0730 today when the delivery men arrived and the unpacking started. The room will soon be ready to fully operate as it should (in my eyes) as the beating heart of our home.

Watch out for your invites….

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