It is guaranteed to happen to us all many times and each time it does we think that the next time will be different but it never gets easier.

It’s like a heavy woollen coat that slowly drowns us and as the skies get darker and the rains pour the coat gets heavier and heavier until we feel we can bear it no longer. It disrupts our sleep and we run off adrenalin until we forget what a good night’s sleep was.

It becomes the best diet we have ever been on and we wonder if we will ever want to eat again.

It is all consuming, turns our worlds upside down until we feel we can bear it no longer. But we do….

We bear it because we are strong and it is in these moments that we realise our true strength.

We understand more about ourselves as we go through the motions of just getting through the day second by second, minute by minute and then hour by hour.

I am of course talking about grief.

Today there are people I love very much who very sadly started the grieving process and will experience all these emotions and many more I’m sure in the days to come.

But one day the coat will feel lighter, the sun will begin to shine again and tears will be replaced with slow smiles that turn into little giggles until eventually there is laughter as the memories of happy times with their loved one return.

Eventually they will be able to take the coat off but until then we must just hug them, listen to them and love them as hard as we can whilst they journey through their grief.

Some journeys are longer than others but I do hope and pray for my loved ones that the laughter returns, the tears stop and happy memories replace the sadness that has momentarily come to visit.




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  1. Very well written Lizzie, very inspiring and moving. Thanks for sharing !


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