Raindrops are falling on my head… or are they?

August… what I have come over almost half a century, to regard as summer is upon us now.  We typically should be enjoying brilliant sunshine, people sitting outside enjoying a quiet glass of something chilled, swimming in the sea, children having donkey rides, playing on the beach and lots of laughter all around.  Instead I am sitting here in my warm Ugg boots and looking outside my window at falling rain drops.  It’s depressing.

Rain, rain, rain.

There has been lot of talk in the office today of ‘no summer’, ‘wearing a jumper tomorrow’, ‘look at those dark clouds’ as we have raged silent war against the all too cold air conditioning that has blasted out as if it really is a typical summer’s day.   But is it really so bad?  Sure, friends of mine are camping and I would dearly love them not to be shivering in their tents and to be able to enjoy having late night BBQs with not a wellington boot in sight.   There are those other friends of mine unable to afford a holiday so having to ‘put up’ with an English summer and there are the friends who live by the coast purposefully who will be ‘trying to make the best of the summer’.

But no.  It really isn’t all that tough.  With all that’s going on in the world around us, I am grateful for a little of the wet stuff.

To think of those who fear for their lives, those who run with nothing but a hope that others will let them into a safe country.  For those who cannot say who they believe in for fear of being killed.  For those who go to a Mass one morning and see their beloved Priest brutally murdered in front of them.  For those who happen to be on holiday and see atrocities happening in front of them.  For so many poor souls it is not only raining, there is a hurricane going on in their lives and one that doesn’t seem to be abating.

So when I begin to think about just how many people, in this world I love, are suffering at the hands of other ‘human beings’ I feel ashamed that I have been moaning about the weather.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am missing out on some much longed for sunshine, I shall start praying for those far less fortunate than myself.

There’s a lot of power in prayer.

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