My very own little oasis of calm

Recently my life appeared to have become cluttered and far too full.  In every sense of the word, it seemed I was overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ and I found myself day after day just mentally holding my hands in the air whilst screaming ‘help world, I need to get off for a moment’.

So when an enforced period of a week off work to rest found its way to me, I decided enough was enough and decided to de-clutter.

I don’t know about you but I collect ‘stuff’ and can’t bear to part with it.  I live in a small place so space is an issue but I got a shredder and I began.  I became brutal, ruthless and that machine went into overdrive.  Bags were collected, furniture was removed and slowly but surely I began to shed, what felt like, layer after layer of skin.  I began to rid myself of things from the past that needed to go and I began to breathe again.

Sorrows from the past went.  Sad memories disappeared and disappointments began to fade.  I was releasing things that needed to go and the fears of doing this subsided.  I felt like a bird that was finding her wings and beginning to fly.

My wonderful friend then appeared like a true angel from heaven and he began to deliver, unpack and build the new furniture for me.  He became a sounding board and together we came up with ideas of how things should be.  He slowly began to transform my home into an oasis of calm.  He did things with cables I didn’t know you could do and he held my hand as I watched my home become what it felt it should have been all along.

It felt cathartic doing this, slightly strange but at the same time I know I have gained far more than I have said goodbye to.

Sometimes we need to let go of the ‘stuff’.  We need to rid ourselves of the extra clutter, garbage and things we think we can’t possibly do without, so we can breathe again and see what’s truly important.

I sit here tonight in my small oasis of calm feeling totally peaceful and at ease with the world and my life.

It’s a feeling that is priceless…

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