Life is a journey not a destination

After a couple of days away we were on our way home.  The adventure was almost over and we were animatedly discussing all that had happened in the previous 48 hours.  It’d been a total blast.  A little escape from reality, a haven to refresh two tired peeps.

The decision to travel by train was mine.  I hold my hand up to that one.  After all there would be no stress for us driving for over three hours and as our hotel was in the centre of the City we would have no need for a car not to mention the added hassle of parking.  I was rather pleased with my choice and as we approached the end of the journey felt pleased that neither of us were shattered from all the driving.

As we waited for the train doors to unlock so we could get off you could feel tension mounting.  Inside the train… and outside on the platform.  People wanting to get home to loved ones, family and friends and others wanting to get onto the train to begin their own adventures.  Seconds turned into minutes, the train got quieter and quieter and we waited and wondered.

Faces the opposite side of the window to mine started to look concerned as they looked in vain for someone to ask and we all began to ponder about what was going on.

Suddenly the train jolted and we were on the move again.   Worried glances on the inside of the train and then I burst into fits of giggles (in retrospect, not entirely sure it was appropriate but there you go that’s me) and we gathered momentum.  We were all off on an unplanned adventure.  No-one was getting off the train and there were no announcements being made.

Eventually we were given some excuse and we were taken to the next station and piled onto another train which came back, stopped at the station, the doors opened and we were back again, albeit a little later than anticipated.  But no-one was hurt, we all got home in one piece and the adventure lasted a little longer than we had expected.

I don’t regret the mode of transport choosen but can’t answer for my friend – hope we’re still talking!

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