Turtle, tortoise, terrapins… I love them all


I’ve always thought them cute.  Slow, a little cumbersome and never had one as a pet but always, always had a little soft spot for them.  Turtle, terrapin, tortoise… they all conjure up in my head the same image and it’s been allowed to get cuter, and more ‘ahhhh’ as I’ve got older.

They are fabulous… live such a long time and I’m sure have great personalities should you get to know one intimately.  I have yet to do so.

So having decided that I particularly like these reptiles… I undertook a little research about ‘how easy’ it would be to have one.  After all, a girl can get a little lonely on her own so I have been contemplating a pet (easier than a man me-thinks?).

Apparently these cute little bundles require indoor and outdoor lodgings (poor housing can result in serious health issues)– this had never crossed my mind.  Then we come on to the lighting and heating… again a lot has been written on this and suffice to say, again, I learned a lot.   It appears that these little creatures are quite a bit more high maintenance than I had previously given them credit for.

After some internal wranglings with myself, I have now decided that they are probably not the pet for me.  I, will of course, continue to admire these lovely beasts from afar and have decided that I shall just have to save for another trip to the Caribbean to swim with the great big turtles that started my love affair with these wonderful creatures.

Think I’ll get a dog now….

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