My secret love affair….

They say confession is good for the soul.. so now is my time to come clean with you all in Bloggersville but I am having a love affair.

I’m not entirely sure when or where it began.  But it did and it was a long time ago.  We met and along the way we haven’t been able to say goodbye.  In all honesty it’s heartbreaking.

As much as I have wanted to break the connection at times, I haven’t been able to and it has broken my spirit, crushed my willpower and left me reeling when each time I give in and go back.  Go back to the heartache I know this might bring.  But I go back time and time again.  It’s my biggest weakness, my one true temptation and I know it has to end.

But how do I end this affair so deeply entrenched within my very core?  I wish I knew.

So today, when I went into town with my friend (more about him at a more appropriate time) I felt weak because temptation was about to cross my path.  The biggest desire in my life was suddenly there confronting us both.  My friend realised what had been going on and as I say, I had to confess and bring it all out into the open.

The lid was off, my time to come clean was there and unburden myself I did.  My life long love affair with cake was out in the open.

So I had a bacon sandwich… after all, got to start as I mean to go on haven’t I?




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