50 years on…

I’m so excited… tomorrow is Friday and a special visitor is flying in from lands afar.

My brother.  He lives one side of the pond and we live the other so in my world it’s a big old day when he comes to visit.  This weekend he is visiting us, for it is time for a party.  This weekend we are celebrating the golden wedding anniversary of our lovely parents.

This is truly something to enjoy and marvel over.  In times when divorce is all too common (and I include myself here) it takes a lot for two people to make that commitment and stay together through good times, through bad times, through sickness and health.  But through all the ups and downs they have done it.  Of course they are now much older and with age comes some heartache and unwanted illnesses which my Father, in particular, has to endure.  But he does so with grace, humility and not a murmur of complaint.

So we have a weekend to raise our glasses, enjoy what we have planned for them both and cheer them on.

50 years and still going… what a golden couple they are and what memories they must have.

Mum and Dad here you are… we love you and we salute you!

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