What a fabulous day was had by all….

Yesterday was fabulous.   The sun was shining, people were smiling, sausages were sizzling on BBQs and it was quite simply one of those days that made you feel so glad to be alive.

It also happened to be the day that marked two very important occasions.  The day of Pentecost and the Baptism of one of the most beautiful babies I have the great fortune to know.  My wonderful friend’s beautiful bundle of unadulterated joy.

After celebrating at my local church I then raced home to put my glad rags on and it was then time to drive off to a glorious part of the world to a picturesque little village which is utterly breath taking in its beauty.

We drove through countryside that was simply stunning with rapeseed covering all the fields like a yellow blanket, beautifully ploughed fields and animals soaking up the sunshine.  It was scenery that could motivate the most uncreative of people to pick up a paintbrush and capture all that nature was showing off.

A little stream meandering through the village… a tiny little village church and many walkers out in the sunshine enjoying the all-encompassing beauty that surrounded us and we had arrived in the heart of the Cotswolds.

As I sat inside that little church with family and friends of this beautiful girl, it dawned on me how honoured we all were.  To be there to celebrate with those closest to her this wonderful day.  The day she was welcomed into the Church.  Another birthday.  It was such a happy occasion and one that still has me smiling.  We all tumbled out of Church off to celebrate this wonderful event at a nearby hotel.

With children playing in the gardens, adults ‘taking tea’ and new friendships being born it was a very special way to spend an afternoon.

Two birthdays in one day… and of course there was cake involved… who could ask for more?

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