It feels a lot like spring has sprung ….

Driving to Scotland last week it struck me how strange the weather has been recently. It seemed to me that we drove through a myriad of changes and experienced the different seasons one by one. From the sunny South West, through the snowy Yorkshire dales until we arrived in a wet and slightly grey Scotland. It was beautiful, cold, depressing, challenging and amazing all rolled into one eight hour journey.

A few days later and we are basking in glorious sunshine. There is talk of a heatwave this weekend and people are out and about in t-shirts, flip flops and all things summery. Today it most definitely feels like Spring has definitely sprung.

I have visions in my mind of lambs prancing through the fields, of bluebells in the woods and beautiful gardens blooming into a rainbow of colours around the countryside. Nothing quite beats this country when the weather is like this. It’s enough to melt the hardest of hearts and put a smile on the grumpiest of faces.

It also reminds me of Morecombe and Wise and their rendition of Bring me Sunshine… and that’s enough to make anyone smile surely?

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