I wanted to save the world…

When I was young I imagined I would do something significant like save the world.  I had grand ideas of achieving some remarkable feat that I would be mentioned in the same breath as Alexander Flemming or Florence Nightingale.   Lizzie Bright was going to be amazing and move mountains all in the name of humanity.

Well, it hasn’t quite gone like that.

So far I haven’t been the social reformer and founded nursing like Florence, I haven’t discovered penicillin like Alexander, I haven’t found a cure for cancer, won a Nobel prize, been Prime Minister or even been elected a local MP.

But that’s ok.

There are plenty of things that I have done.  When I was 13 I spent one afternoon a week visiting a lonely elderly lady who saw no-one else all week.  I have raised thousands of pounds for a children’s charity by jumping out of an aeroplane.  I have undertaken to raise money for a cause dear to my heart by running (exercise is not my natural choice of pastimes) because my Father suffers from Parkinson’s.  I run a weekly group at my Church amongst other things.  None of these things will save the world but have made a difference to my world.

It is true that by giving we receive.  I have found that I may not have been the great world saving heroine that my younger self imagined I would turn into, yet I have gained so much from the little I have given.

It encourages me that I can do so much more.  We can all do so much more and if we did perhaps, just perhaps, our own little worlds would feel just that little bit different.

That’s certainly a thought for my day today!

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you Lizzie for today’s thoughts
    In later life I think I’ve come to the conclusion that we can spend too much time trying to save everyone else lives and successfully make a mess of our own. Maybe if we focus a little more on our own happiness; we’ll have more to offer others… Just a thought!

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