Hey – it’s my Friday!

It’s been a while since I stopped long enough to switch my mind into calm mode, turn the stress volumes way down and start typing and I’ve missed this. “This” being sitting in total peace and quiet and abandoning all responsibilities long enough to organise some thoughts.

But tomorrow is my Friday and I’m happy to report I am extremely excited. My out of office will go on, I will skip out of the office and a long weekend looms.

The adventure begins at 6 am  when we pile bags, wellies, warm clothes and start our long journey up North. Eight hours later, lots of coffee, music blaring and the world very much put to rights and we will be there. Amongst family, friends and people speaking with an accent I’m sure I shall find challenging.

It’s been a busy time recently so I shall embrace this time with open arms, a full heart and a great big smile.

It’s time for a break and I’m jolly well going to enjoy it!

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