Let’s jump….

It feels like the first ten and a half months of this year have been a monumental up-hill struggle. Coping with the hospitalisation of my Father, subsequently getting him home and then journeying with my parents as they came to the realisation that he would have to be put into a home has not gone without a lot of stress, strain and heartache. My health has subsequently taken a battering from it all and I have found myself in all sorts of amazing machinery having my brain checked out for various bits and bobs.

It’s taken a toll on us all. With my only sibling living the other side of the world it’s been hard trying to do this alone.

I have amazing friends who are quite possibly more like family than my own family who have rallied around and even taken me on holiday. I have a job that I quite like… it doesn’t tick all my boxes but in all honesty what job really does and I know I am blessed to be in work. More than anything I have a great God who has put all these things around me and given me strength this year when I have needed it the most. I am only too well aware that I have far more than so many people and when to count my blessings.

But as I entered the latter half of October 2015 things began to look a little different. A weight seems to have been lifted off me… what weight that is I couldn’t even begin to articulate but it has gone. Whilst the strains and stresses of various things remain very much in place, there is a lightness in my spirit that makes me want to do star jumps (and anyone who knows me well knows of my allergy to exercise).

Life is a journey. There’s often a lot that gets in our way and could bring us down if we let it. BUT and here’s the BUT… there are always star jumps to do about something!

One… two.. three


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  1. Gabriela says:

    Wow, this whole thing sounds exactly like my life the past year, to the detail. It is very difficult doing these things and especially with a sibling far away! So glad you have found some inner peace lately though. I have as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. lizziebright says:

      Thank you … I guess it’s all work in progress really. Glad you found inner peace too 🙂

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