I pray love will win….

One feels so helpless with all the atrocities that seem to be taking place in our world at the moment. With such a wave of sorrow over the weekend for Paris, the victims and their families it reminds me of other tragedies I have witnessed in my lifetime.

For instance the Bishopsgate bombing in the heart of the City of London. Had it been on any other day than a Saturday and I had been at my desk, I would have been killed outright.

I’m also reminded of 9/11 and the twin towers. How I was working in the City and at the time the tower fell we lost all connections and then the true horror of what was happening started to unravel. I think back of my friend who died that day as he had to jump to his death.

I remember children whose lives have been taken through terrorist attacks both here in the UK and afar.

I read the papers and see the news of everything that is going on in the world and my heart breaks.

BUT I am also aware of the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who will be helping in these situations. The brave soldiers who fight for all our freedom, the police who keep us safe and all the public who just rush to help out, not to mention the Doctors, nurses, forensic scientists all of whom see the true horror when they go about their every day ‘job’. I am thankful for those real heroes who tackle these events without a thought of their own safety or repercussions these events could have and what personal costs it must take.

I pray for peace in our world. I believe in a God who loves us all and doesn’t want such atrocities to be happening. Most of all I believe in love and that we should love our neighbours, love our enemies and love each other.

I feel deeply saddened at the moment by so much of this but I will keep praying because I truly believe that in the end love will win. I have to hang on to that.

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