Gone too soon….

There are people in this world that as soon as you meet them you click. That’s how my friendship with Sophie began. At a party in London and pretty soon we did most things together.

 She was the wise one in the relationship and where I was spontaneous she could reign me in like nobody else. She was kind, loving, headstrong, extremely intelligent and an amazing friend. She held my hand through my divorce, sat in intensive care with me as I survived a botched up operation, lent me her flat in London whilst she went travelling for months on end, looked on in horror as I danced with some record producer on the table in a London restaurant before joining in, amongst other crazy antics.  

We played important roles in each other’s weddings and as I read the lesson at hers my voice was croaking with emotion because I was so happy for her. She had found her Prince. When she was diagnosed with cancer it was one of the times in my life that I privately wept until I thought I couldn’t cry any more. We decided like Thelma and Louise to beat this thing together. When her children were born I saw a softer side to her and what an amazing Mum she was. They were loved, adored and cherished by her. She was born to be a Mum and she combined that role with maintaining a high powered job with such ease.

As friends sometimes do we fell out. I can’t exactly remember how it happened but it did. A few years ago. I reached out to connect to her many times but as I said she was headstrong and my emails remained unanswered. Yesterday I decided to email again yet something stopped me to try to find her address on the Internet instead. My heart began to slowly break as I discovered she had died eight months ago totally unexpectedly.

A precious wife, Mum and friend taken far too soon. Someone who had seen more suffering than they deserved but remained cheerful throughout.

As I begin to grieve for my lovely friend and the fact that I wasn’t able to goodbye, the happy memories of carefree times come rushing back and through my tears I am smiling.

Sleep well beautiful friend.  

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