Rising from the rubble 

Before I start let me explain.. I’m a happy person! Not prone to feeling sorry for myself or depression. My glass is on the whole half full and I smile a lot. I try to see the positive in the negative etc etc – you get the picture.
But this has been a bad week. Tuesday through to Friday are days that I hope I never have to go through again and most certainly wouldn’t wish others to have to endure. I’ve gone through all sorts of emotions and feel quite exhausted from it all. Amongst other things I’ve had bad news from Doctors which has scared me, difficulties with people around me and stuff at work that hasn’t helped matters.  Whilst living alone most definitely has its benefits, it’s times like this that I feel very much alone.
However it struck me… I am not defined by these issues. I could let them make me or break me. I could sink under the weight of it all or I could build my emotional muscles, keep my head held high and rise from under the rubble that I currently feel is engulfing me. So I decided to start counting my blessings which are far too many to list here.

My biggest blessing by far though are my lovely friends who this week have rallied around like protective lionesses as I cried on the phone. Have encouraged me, listened to me sob and empathised with me, made me laugh, sent me funny texts, wept through sad movies with me and ate cake with me. It doesn’t make anything go away but it shows me who my family are and yet we share no blood.

So rather than sink under the rubble I am so grateful because I am far luckier than so many people who have no one. I have my ‘family’, my God, a big smile and haven’t lost my humour just yet.

So life is good…. I’m choosing the positive in everything … it’s far easier I think.

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