Bad news….

Today I had an emergency appointment with a Consultant Doctor which I wasn’t looking forward to. However I looked at his kind eyes as he was explaining things to me and It became apparent how gentle he was. Explaining something that I probably didn’t want to hear and repeating himself several times about what was going to happen so I took it on board. Then I realised how unlike the brute of a surgeon I had been operated on twice last year he was, and what a gift in itself that was to me. This lovely gentle man was dealing with issues to do with my brain and whilst I was hearing things I didn’t really want to, he was so lovely.
As I left the appointment more worried than when I went in he hugged me. Told me to be strong and that he’d see me soon. He listened to my voice wobble as I got emotional and he hugged me tighter. It may not be exactly what most doctors do, but it was what this patient needed.

His humour is an acquired taste I have found over the years but his manner is incomparable. Dealing with people with wonky brains that don’t quite work as others is probably not most people’s cup of tea for a job, but he is fantastic. I came away with more hope than I’ve had for a long time, a man who smiled at me with his eyes as well as his mouth and a hug that I won’t forget.

Let the tests show what they will.. today I received more than any medicine can give me from that one hug and some kind eyes.

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