Lighting up my soul…

The effects of lighting on nature stirs something deep within my soul. It is as if nature is telling me the most beautifully poetic story and it fills my core with utter, unadulterated joy. Nothing makes me happier. The different shades, colours, textures and the moods they create are often breathtaking and leave me speechless.

So last week on a walk somewhere hot and sunny I took a photo with my phone and the sheer magnificence of the moment will stay with me forever. But it also struck me that as beautifully mysterious as some of this lighting can be it is a bit like life. It can be dark, cloudy, shady, stormy, bright, sunny, powerful and utterly unforgettable. The good times and bad times are accompanied by various shades of light and colour within our memories and as time goes by I’m sure part of the intensity fades.  

It’s moods can change so powerfully and majestically and in my humble opinion we should respect this power and beauty.

I may be getting older but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look up from our technology at the lights outside and not on a screen or am I hoping for too much?

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