My inner hippie…..

So I’m 27 days into my new health kick and I am in danger of not recognising the Lizzie I thought I was.

Gone are the bad eating habits, the insomnia that seems to have haunted me for several years and the general feeling of lethargy.  Instead I am sleeping like a baby, don’t think about food at all unless it’s to fuel the body and find myself with an unusual amount of ‘get up and go’ (just when I thought it was in danger of having got up and gone!).

It makes me wonder why I have waited quite so long to actually ignore all the hype around food, diets and health and just be ‘sensible’.  Why have I deliberately remained deaf on these issues.  But along with feeling good, it has made ponder all sorts of differences I could make in my life.

The other day I even found myself during my lunch hour making home-made moisturiser .  Am I beginning to embrace my inner hippie I wonder?

I wonder if a kaftan would suit me?

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