Morphing into a whole new me….

I know we are only just about four months into the year but I feel that I’m slowly morphing into a new person.  Perhaps this is, after all, going to be a year of change.

First of all there was the hair… it’s far longer, far more ginger and feels rather more ‘me’ than the dull dark brown of 2014.  Strangely it has boosted my confidence and it’s also made me see myself in a new light.  It’s shown me I can go out on a limb occasionally and go against the ‘norm’  if I want, and that sometimes risk taking makes you feel brave and strong.   That when I was almost scared to do something, which in all honesty  is fairly insignificant, it can be just what one needs to boost a tired and somewhat sinking self-esteem.   Now that’s not really to be sneezed at is it?

Secondly I have listened to the people ‘in the know’, done some research and embraced my new healthy way of living.  I realise that I’m only fourteen days into my new challenge but I think I may be onto a winner.  No refined sugars, no gluten, no alcohol and it’s transformative.  I should be paid for the PR I am doing for this way of life to anyone who happens to be anywhere in my vicinity.  I have become evangelical in my mission to get everyone feeling healthy.  I am on the get healthy band wagon because it’s made me feel somewhat passionate that we don’t always have to feel tired, hungry or one degree out of sorts.  Today as we were driving to a meeting, I tried persuading a friend as I had a sitting target and I saw her become enthused at the idea.

Gone are the lethargy, the sleepless nights and the dark circles under my eyes.  My skin is clearer, I have more energy than Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, I am never hungry and the weight is falling off which is another thing to make me happy.  From spirulizing to juicing I am on a mission for all encompassing well-being and loving it.  It’s a challenge to do and it is making me creative in the kitchen.  As well as de-cluttering my fridge and cupboards I am changing myself from the inside out.

So that’s the first quarter of the year summed up … who know what the next eight months has in store, but I realise with a smile that 2015 is turning into an exciting year.  To think I was once scared of change…..

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