Let me introduce you to the one and only Ellie….

I have a wonderful friend whom I met quite by accident.  She visited a book club I used to run and came to sell some jewellery (I think) on a night I couldn’t go.  The other girls raved about her and said “you’ll love her”.

 Is it just me or does anyone else ever feel a little uneasy when you’re told how you will feel?

But I’m glad to say they were right.  Like a little ray of human sunshine she cascaded into my life and turned out to be one of the funniest, kindest, warm hearted, beautiful women I know.  What’s more … I’m not sure she knows it.  

We have only known each other for about seven years (again… I think) and in that time she has made me laugh hysterically about things I couldn’t possibly divulge to the general public, she pulled my hair after my beloved dog died (to stop me crying… I know, I know… a little weird thing she does), picked me up after an operation  when I couldn’t drive and had no one else there to help and most importantly met me for bacon sandwiches on a regular basis to catch up on all the news.  We’ve been known to go out “for a quick drink” and rued the day after.  We have in all seriousness put the world to rights on many occasions, believing that it would be a far better world once we were done with it.  She also has very strong views on my hair colour but that’s another story entirely.  
What is so special about her is her love of her beautiful family.  To hear her talk about them collectively and individually melts my heart.  Underneath the funny girl, hair pulling, chopsy Mumma is someone who cares deeply for and loves her family like a lioness.  That’s precious.
Today she turned up at my home with a gift for me.  A tiger onesie to keep me warm as I have this cold.  She had one day free from too much hassle today and did this for me.  She’s that type of gal.
She’s one in a million and every one of you should  have a friend like Ellie.  She is so sparkley, like a beautiful diamond, inside and out and isn’t that what life should be about? 

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