My self indulgent pity party ….

I’m not going to lie to you.

I’ve been looking forward to going out tonight for a while now.  It was going to be a gathering of like-minded friends meeting for somebody’s birthday.  It was going to be fun with a capital ‘F’.

But instead I’ve ended up with bad asthma and a chest infection.

No word of a lie, this is incredibly inconvenient, and has bought on a bout (albeit a very unusual one to be perfectly honest) of self-pity.

Why today? Why couldn’t it have been on a week when I had no parties let alone two that I’ve been looking forward to?  Why, oh why, oh why?  (Can’t you just hear the drama?!)

But realistically it’s not really a great world problem is it?  So here I go, shaking it off, putting on the pjs, getting a good book and walking away from this pity party that I’ve successfully immersed myself in for the past hour or so.

There weren’t any entertaining people at my self-pity shindig anyhow ….

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