Today’s unforeseen visit to Accident & Emergency

Today I did something extremely stupid – I slipped as I was leaving the supermarket.  Not just a little trip whereby I could recover a bit of my dignity, but a full on collapse into a messy heap just by the exit with full viewing potential.

Now at this point I should probably explain that I had two operations on a tendon in my hip last year so standing up with one slightly weaker leg is tricky at the best of times, but when the good foot has then been crumpled by the rest of me, it was pretty much impossible.  It suddenly became apparent that the rest of my day was not going to go the way I had planned and a trip to the Accident & Emergency would be forthcoming.

Suddenly the supermarket rallied into action and I found myself being wheeled through the store and into a back room with ice and frozen peas on my foot.  Before I knew it, I was talking to a paramedic and then driven to the hospital to assess the damage.

We are so lucky in Britain to have our NHS.  I was treated so well today… yes, I did have to wait (4.5 hours in total) but I was looked after and nothing seemed too much trouble for the nurse and Doctor who saw me.

However, we need to be more understanding of these hard working people in our communities.  I watched as patient after patient came through the doors and grumbled about how long it took.  I listened as they moaned, they complained and, on the whole, were impolite to the receptionists and I imagine the doctors.  I saw exhausted looking staff working there and didn’t hear one of them complaining about rude, ungrateful patients.

Luckily, I left without much more than bruised ego and sprained soft tissue on the sole of my foot but with a renewed respect for the staff who go a long way towards keeping our NHS on its feet.  Who selflessly care, work hard and always seemed to be willing to help (in my case anyhow).  I feel proud to live in a country where we have a health service like this and especially proud of the people who work so hard and tirelessly even though there seems to be a pretty ungrateful public out there.

I think they are fabulous.

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