My new rock ‘n roll aged 40 something 

It’s Friday night and after a hectic week at 7pm I found myself wondering “when on earth did I lose my rock ‘n roll?”

 Whilst  driving back from the office with a friend  I started reminiscing about life in London and how much of a social butterfly I used to be.  I rarely found myself without a plan but especially on a Saturday or Sunday, and weekends would fly by in a social whirl.  

It seems strange now I live in the country how quiet life has become.  In those days we never seemed to get tired, how ever many parties there seemed to be, we seemed to be indestructible and could  party til dawn and still get to work early.  

I feel exhausted just thinking about the pace I led my life in my 20s and 30s. 

Is that why this evening I found myself blissfully happy as I returned home after a long week, had a simple supper, glass of wine and a night in with a good book for company?

This is my kind of rock ‘n roll these days.  

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