I love my job…. there I’ve put it down in black and white.  It’s busy, the people are great, the company is an inspiring place to work and as well as working hard I also manage to have fun.  I have great bosses with very individual and uniquely different characters and I am genuinely very happy in my work life.  That is a huge blessing in itself.

The past couple of days I have witnessed an event that has made me see some of my colleagues in a new light.   It has also given me time to reflect on how this also carries through the workplace and into each of our individual lives.

It was a two day exercise which involved teamwork.  People from different areas within the company were put together into teams and worked hard for two days.  I learned a lot by watching people come and work together towards a goal.  I saw passion, I saw talent, I saw people bonding  and working towards something and it was motivating to see.  I didn’t see individuals after all “there is no ‘I’ in TEAM”.

It made me realise how we are all part of a team in one way or another.  Be it family, friends, a sports team, work or a hobby that one is involved in.  Teamwork strengthens us.  Helps us grow and mature into the people we become.  It moulds us and enhances our characters.  It can at times be daunting joining a new team but it can also be the making of us.

Whatever team you find yourself a part of I hope it gives you the opportunity to give more of yourself, to learn more about yourself and to fulfil your true potential.  Above all I hope it helps us all gain a renewed zest for life by feeling we belong to something amazing that is going somewhere very exciting!

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