New beginnings start with a trip to the hairdresser…

“I was obsessed with the Canadian novel ‘Anne of Green Gables. I decided I was Anne of Green Gables. There was something that spoke to me about her, and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair.” – Christina Hendricks

I have longed for ginger hair since my teens. Not a subtle ginger but it was that Anne of green gables colour that I had always set my sights on. Perhaps it was a case of wanting something that I wasn’t entirely sure I was brave enough for, or maybe I just simply wanted to join the elite 1-2% of the world’s red haired community.

Whatever spurred me on last week, aged 40-something, some newly acquired steely determination for change found me sitting in the salon complaining that nothing was quite ginger enough. We then started to barter over the shade of red. As my lovely hairdresser told me “hairdressing is the one consumer industry where the customer isn’t always right” I began to wonder whether I should just accept she was right and that perhaps dark brown to ginger might be too much of a shock.

As the process began and the bleach was put on, it began to strip away the dark brown colour and so began a change in me. A change that had been long overdue. The time had come to remove and throw away old insecurities to get rid of sad memories that were holding me back and to embrace life afresh. To accept past mistakes and move forward without regret. My hair was turning orange as the bleach began to work and I realised I would soon be able to paint a new and far more colourful picture with my life. The canvas was being cleaned and the world was my oyster.

The new colour was painted onto my now bleached hair. The dead brown colour had gone and along with it had gone some of the old me. The new ginger me walked out with a big smile, head held high and feeling that there’s a whole new world to conquor.

At work the next day a friend said “you look like your hair is the colour it should have been all along”. I’m not sure this was anything to do with hair colour but more to do with new beginnings and a new joie de vie. Long may red hair and new attitudes last!

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